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At Selinsky Business Capital, we are experts in providing growth and working capital solutions to America's small business owners.  We provide finance for:


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Does your small business lack the working capital to grow and thrive in today's challenging economy?  Well you're not alone.  But the professionals at Selinsky Business Capital can help.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our services to small business entrepreneurs.

Q.  What are the associated costs of using your services? 

A.  Our fees are very modest and in most cases, are actually paid by the lender and we will happily discuss fees with you.  Just give us a call during normal business hours.

Q.  What are the costs of factoring?

A.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable factoring has become.  In fact, a 30 day fee rate for factoring is about same as if your customer paid with a credit card.  If your business can afford to accept credit cards, you can afford factoring.

Q.  Do you work with companies that can finance my inventory?

A.  Absolutely.  In fact, we work with many asset-based lenders that provide financing for accounts, inventory and equipment through revolving lines of credit.  We also work with lenders that finance inventory only.

Q.  What if I have a brand new business?  I know banks cannot lend to me.

A.  It is true you will have a very hard time getting a bank loan if you have no credit history.  For brand new startups, we can often provide microloans and for those providing goods or services on a B2B basis, factoring is almost always a viable option.   

Q.  Can you provide construction factoring for sub-contractors?

A.  Actually, we are experts in this niche area of commercial finance and can very often provide sub-contractors with ready working capital and advances on their invoices as long as the general contractor on the job is creditworthy.

Q.  Are your microloans always available?

A.  No, microloan programs are only available when governmental micro-funding is available.  We constantly maintain our fingers on the pulse of these programs, however, and know when funds can be accessed.

Q.  Do you work with SCORE, SBDCs, and EDCs?

A.  Absolutely.  In fact we are often called in by such small business "help" organizations, local incubators, and even banks to make presentations to groups of start up entrepreneurs.

Q  Do you make on-site presentations?

A.  Of course, you can always set up an appointment and we will gladly come to your place of business to discuss your needs and our financing options.

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Want to learn more about our industry and how it can help you in growing and financing your small business enterprise?  It's easy!  Simply request a FREE complimentary copy of our small business financing guide:  When Banks Say NO!  The Small Business Guide to Factoring.  It's FREE, from Selinsky Business CapitalClick here to order