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At Selinsky Business Capital, we are experts in providing growth and working capital solutions to America's small business owners.  We provide finance for:


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Factoring Your Accounts Receivable

Without question, factoring is the most powerful financial tool available to small business owners and entrepreneurs operating on a B2B basis.  It directly provides solutions to the problems of cash flow caused by granting 30-60 day payment terms to your customers.

Factors actually purchase the invoices of a business as they are created.  The initial advance on purchases is typically 80% of face amount and is wired directly into the seller's bank account at time of purchase.  Once purchased, the factor waits to receive payment from your customer and then "rebates" the 20% balance after deducting a small "factoring fee".  Factoring fees have dropped dramatically over the years with a typical 30 day rate now about the same as taking a credit card.

Unlike most traditional lending, factoring is available to even the newest businesses with little or no credit history.  This makes factoring the perfect choice for entrepreneurs starting new enterprises and especially for payroll intensive service related companies such as:

We Finance Construction Sub-Contractors

Of course factoring does not just pertain to the service sector.  Tens of thousands of small manufacturers and distributors utilize factoring every day to solve their cash flow problems.  Additionally, there are many "niche" areas of this powerful financing mechanism such as theConstruction Factoring construction industry.  At Selinsky Business Capital, we are experts in providing working capital solutions to sub-contractors in need of working capital when waiting for payment from slow paying general contractors.  We finance:

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Want to learn more about factoring and how it can help you in growing and financing your small business enterprise?  It's easy!  Simply request a FREE complimentary copy of our small business financing guide:  When Banks Say NO!  The Small Business Guide to Factoring.  It's FREE, from Selinsky Business CapitalClick here to order