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Asset-Based Finance

Asset-Based Loans are, as the name would imply, loans that are based on the assets of your company.  Traditionally, asset-based loans are those secured by your:

Unlike factors who actually purchase your accounts weekly, asset-based lenders lend against your assets, usually in the form of a revolving line of credit.  Your business will therefore need a certain level of established credit history to qualify for asset-based lending, although typically less than for a traditional financial statement loan as provided by most banks.

How Asset-Based Loans Work

Asset-based loans are typically utilized by manufacturers and distributors that face problems of inventory finance.  Those operating in the service sector such as staffing companies, guard services, landscaping companies generally are not eligible for asset-based loans until they reach a relatively large size. 

Each week, your asset-based lender will provide you with a lending certificate or "borrowing base" calculated on the amount of your accounts receivable outstanding and on-site inventory.  This borrowing base will be updated each week based on your sales activity.  Asset-Based Lending

Asset-based loans are often termed "revolving lines of credit" and your business will be responsible for weekly reports and occasional audits to insure the integrity of the provided credit line.  Asset-based lines are typically much larger than factoring facilities with $100,000 usually being the bare minimum and over $1,000,000 being more the norm.

A Natural Successor to Factoring

For manufacturers and distributors, asset-based lending is often the natural successor to factoring and it is common for factors to "window dress" a small manufacturer for several years, financing only accounts receivable, until they can qualify for an asset-based lending facility which will add inventory financing and a slightly lower financing rate.  At Selinsky Business Capital, we work closely with a group of very specialized lenders who provide both factoring and asset-based lending and can make the transition from one to the other seamlessly.  

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